Niek Jochems

Why do you work at Topic?

To connect with people who share the same passion, to gain knowledge and grow as a person personally and professionally. Work on great projects within great companies like Bosch, Philips and VDL. To work on a better, smarter and healthier future for our children, family, friends and people around the world.

How would you describe your job and what does your working day looks like?

Currently I am working for TOPIC consultancy I have been given the chance to work as head of connectivity department to make the Busses Connect to the internet, a big IOT device. With my software development background and hardware related projects in the past I am in the perfect position to make links between commercial requests and technical solutions. Making roadmaps and settings common goals for the organization is what I do on a daily base, see where the processes can be optimized and which people we need in order to grow. Implementing the agile way of working within a team and continuously improving the way of working, is something I focus on and really like to do.

As part of the TOPIC Agile / Safe workgroup I like to share knowledge on integrating these activities into an organization / team and share my knowledge with other TOPIC employees.

I am currently chairman of the works council to be closely connected to the TOPIC organization and its changes that are made so TOPIC continues to be a great employer.

What makes Topic great to work for?

The informal way to approach people and make use of the great network of people, skills within the organization and companies in the tech industry. Being able to gain knowledge and training on both technical as soft skills, being challenged by our business managers. This all enables me to reach my full potential professionally as well as privately. TOPIC treats you as a family member of the organization and is open for any challenge you might have.