Paulina Mibenge

Why do you work at Topic?

What attracts me most in working at Topic is the diversity in projects. Working here gives me the opportunity to explore my interests, talents, and knowledge in order to grow and gather knowledge in many different fields. This was especially important to me because I started as a junior engineer, not knowing what I would need for my future career. At Topic, you are assigned to a Business Manager who can guide and help you to make the most out of your passion and abilities.

How would you describe your job and what does your working day looks like?

I am a Software Engineer currently working on the application that runs on a laser-dicing machine. It amazes me how I follow paths and work on things which I never thought could happen. I get to work in a great, experienced team of bright professionals to make our product better every single day. I’m involved in challenges and discussions on a daily basis, allowing me to learn and explore new techniques and technologies. Of course, there is also time for coffee breaks and after-work drinks to have fun with colleagues. These things make it easy to get up in the morning and to start my day with a smile.

What makes Topic great to work for?

Topic is a very open and multi-cultural company in which everyone can find something for themselves. Diverse projects, a great number of courses and career opportunities are just a few of the many benefits. Topic makes me feel at home and enthusiastic about my career. Topic does not only give a base to grow professionally, but through many social events it also gives you a chance to bond with your colleagues.