Thomas Reynders

Why do you work at Topic?

When I was a little kid, I quickly gained interest in technology by taking apart car radios and modifying computers. Topic offers varied projects, from medical to industrial technologies. During my career, Topic offers a lot of opportunities to grow both personally and technically.

How would you describe your job and what does your working day look like?

I work at Topic as a Software Engineer. Recently I joined a new project where we make high-end applications for a steel plate inspection system.

A hardware team at Topic created a system using FPGA’s to measure the quality of a steel plate using ultrasound. Our team at Topic collaborates with the clients’ software development team to create a platform and several Microsoft Windows applications. We work using scrum and have weekly meetings with our customers.

The applications are C# WPF based and allow the user to configure the system and make real-time analysis of a steel plate after which we visualize it. Ultimately the system is designed to make a classification of a steel plate which describes if it can be used for train wheels or for street lights.

What makes Topic great to work for?

Topic offers a great workplace with an amazing office, and a gym as bonus. Colleagues, so called ‘Topicers’, are great and open-minded people who are always in for a chat.